What is Behind the Fundkiss Repayments?

What is Behind the Fundkiss Repayments?

Lending to SMEs through Fundkiss is impactful investment on many levels – it has an impact on the local SMEs, it indirectly impacts our economy and it impacts your investment returns! Theres is a lot to like.

Understanding how it all works goes a long way in empowering our lender community. In this blog article, we will look at your repayments.

What are they?

How do you receive them?

How to keep track of them all?

and also, what happens when you might not receive one?

Let’s find out!

Repayments – What are they?

Once you lend to a SME project, it is the SME’s responsibility to pay you and all the other lenders back in form of repayments.

Once a project gets funded successfully, repayments begin shortly after. Every month, you will receive a monthly repayment from the borrower that includes interest and capital. Over the course of the repayment period, lenders continue to receive their investment and interest income from the borrowers in form of the repayments.

A ‘loan schedule’ is issued out and made available to both the borrower and lender that lays out the repayment schedule.

You can access the loan schedule for the projects you invested in under the ‘Loans’ section on your Fundkiss profile.

However, in special circumstances such as In Fine loans, repayments can be made up of interest-only payments and a bullet repayment of the capital at the end of the loan term. Whatever be the type of loan, you will be notified through the project page.

We monitor and facilitate all the repayments from the borrowers. It does not require any action from you. Once we receive the repayment from the borrower, our admin team moves quickly to get you your portion of the monthly repayment.

Your repayments are credited to your Fundkiss Account.

What can I do with my repayments?

You may withdraw any amount from your Fundkiss Account to your own bank account, or you may continue to re-invest into other live projects and let your investments compound!

There are no additional fees or charges when you withdraw the funds to your own bank account. Bank transfers could take up to 24 hours to process.

What if a borrower misses their repayment?

Fundkiss monitors, co-ordinates and communicates on all repayments. In case of a delayed repayment from a borrower, lenders are made aware of it immediately via an email. Meanwhile, our team stays in close contact with the borrower to understand the reasons behind the delayed payment and co-ordinate a new payment date.

If a client misses 3 consecutive repayments, we get our legal team to step in and begin the legal recovery process. Lenders on the project are kept aware of all developments with the recovery process at all time.

All borrower repayment activity and missed payments are reported to MCIB (Mauritius Credit Information Bureau).

Where can I keep track of it all?

Lenders can keep track of all their repayments through the ‘Transactions’ section of their Fundkiss profile. The section records all your Fundkiss transactions in one single place.

Lenders may also download their transaction history.

Should you need to learn more about your repayments, or should you have any questions for us at all, write to us on [email protected] or give us a call on 218 2195.


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