The New Fundkiss Platform: Love Lending, All Over Again.

The New Fundkiss Platform: Love Lending, All Over Again.

The upgraded Fundkiss platform is our biggest rollout since we began two years ago. The previous version of our website was built using a hand-sketched wireframe. This humble origin story, MVP as we would call it,  went on to become an alternate financing solution that continues to revolutionise how SMEs access financing in Mauritius.

With the upgrade, the platform now has enhanced user experience, functionality and improved aesthetics. With the new platform, you’ll love lending, all over again.

Let’s look at how the new features improve your lending experience.

Your Dashboard

We have made your lending and transaction information more accessible, organised, and easy to understand.

The dashboard section provides a bird’s eye view of all your key investment stats, transactions, projects through 4 key tabs:

  • Account – Visualises and presents summarised information of your investments, number of projects, repayments received and the yield of your portfolio.
  • My Loans – Provides an itemised list of each project you are a lender on along with the amount, the repayments received, repayments due, and the lending contract.
  • Transactions – Maintains a record of all transactions to and from your Fundkiss Account.
  • Information – All your personal, contact and banking information in one place to review or change.

Your Fundkiss Account

If there is one feature above all that adds value to your digital journey as a lender, this would be our pick!

Previously, you’d have to carry out a bank transfer each time you decided to lend to a project on the Fundkiss platform. It was inconvenient and lenders often missed out on lending on a project if the bank transfers took too long. It was cumbersome.

With the Fundkiss account feature, lending to a project is now instantaneous. You credit your account with the amount you wish to lend through a bank transfer so when that perfect project comes up, you can lend instantly! Simply select ‘Pay using Fundkiss Account’ when lending.

All your repayments from projects you lend on are also deposited straight into your Fundkiss account. You may choose to lend to more projects using your Fundkiss account balance or debit the amount of your choice into your bank account, anytime.

e-signature facility

Previously, we’d have to exchange emails back and forth with hefty attachments, just so we could have the lending contract signed off by you after you lend on a project. Not anymore.

With our new e-signature feature on lending contracts, you sign the lending contract digitally at the point of lending. Now that’s a lot simpler.

Lender onboarding via eKYC

You can now submit your KYC verification documents online using nothing but a smartphone with just a few taps. Just keep your ID and recent proof of address handy, and follow this video to upload your documents for eKYC:

Simply go to the ‘Documents’ tab in your dashboard, take pictures using your camera and upload your documents. Click ‘Send Documents’. Done.

Performance Statistics

Our statistics section of the website gives you a high level view of our key KPIs at Fundkiss. Think of them as our vital stats. The figures represent cumulative data from all our projects financed since our launch in 2019.

The figures are updated at the end of every month.


We have reviewed our FAQ section to best answer all your questions. The FAQ section of the website will help you understand our processes, application requirements, and the benefits of using our digital lending platform, as a lender or a borrower.

Though we have tried our best to anticipate and answer your questions, we understand that there may be more. And for those, we remain available to help!


The new Fundkiss blog exists to inform, update, and educate our community of lenders and borrowers. We regularly put out articles, updates, and tips that will help you on your lending or borrowing journey and also get to know us and our inner workings better.

Be sure to check out this section on our upgraded platform!

A seamless lending experience awaits

Bringing you the upgraded Fundkiss platform has been a hectic yet rewarding time for the team. A culmination of over a year’s work, with the sole purpose of improving your lending experience.

Transparency is an important currency in our industry, so we placed education and empowerment at the heart of your user journey, whether you are a  lender or borrower. And with the new platform, we can do just that by providing the right information to you.

When it comes to improving your experience with Fundkiss, we do not have a finish line. And so, please do not hesitate to share your feedback with us as we continue to build this platform together to make you love lending, again and again.


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