The Basics of SME Loans in Mauritius

The Basics of SME Loans in Mauritius

54.6% of Mauritian employment is under  SMEs and they contribute to around 40% of the Gross Domestic Product according to a 2019 handbook by the Ministry of Industrial Development, SMEs and Cooperative. SMEs have for a long time been the backbone of the local economy and their importance is only going to increase. They constantly demand funding to sail smoothly throughout the year and business loans have become essential.

Who offers SME Loans in Mauritius?

The most picked option when it comes to loans are the more traditional institutions such as banks and leasing companies (depending on the demand). These institutions each have their own criteria and requirements, often asking for collateral, which makes it harder for SMEs to obtain these loans when needed.

A viable alternative

Fundkiss is here to fill this funding gap and offer more options to local SMEs wanting to avail of a loan. Our SME Digital Financing Platform connects investors looking for a new asset class to boost their savings and SMEs needing financing to grow. Since the whole process is digital, it enables SMEs to save time and obtain their required funding quickly.


Understanding the life and plight of a business owner can prove to be tedious of a task for traditional institutions. But for us at Fundkiss, our mission is to simplify and democratise access to financing for SMEs whose growth cannot slow down. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that business owners need visibility, quick answers- positive or negative and quick access to finance to seize opportunities.


Fundkiss is not a one size fits all company. We work for and with SMEs. No two businesses are the same and we dive deep into the operations of each SME which approaches us to see how we can best serve them. The ‘KISS’ in Fundkiss stands for ‘Keeping It Smart and Simple’ and this is exactly what we do. We request the information we need, and we communicate with our borrowers to find out the best way forward.


Currently, we offer the following types of loans to serve the SME community of Mauritius:

  1. Micro Finance
  2. Working Capital
  3. Supply chain
  4. Business expansion


We have financed SMEs through our different types of loans and more than 261 SMEs have availed of loans through of platform so far. Join us on our journey to make SME financing smart and simple.

Getting a loan can be very beneficial for your business. Boost your cash flow and sail smoothly while operating or expanding your business. Whatever your need, we have the solution ready for it.


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