Testimonials From Our Lender Community

Testimonials From Our Lender Community

Fundkiss lenders are Mauritians from diverse professional backgrounds and age groups. We spoke to two of them to learn more about their motivations for embracing crowdlending and their experience with the Fundkiss platform. Let’s meet Avish B. and Jey.B.

A visible and efficient platform

Both lenders had the same desire: to invest in projects that help entrepreneurs. They registered as lenders right after discovering the Fundkiss platform and hearing more about it in the press.

Avish B. discovered Fundkiss on social media and read an interview of the Fundkiss CEO. That is when he first learnt about crowdlending and the fact that Fundkiss had all the necessary licenses to operate in the FinTech sector. Since then, Avish B. has been an investor in more than 15 projects.

Jey.B, who has invested in 20 projects on the platform, has this advice for those looking to invest on the Fundkiss platform: “after registration, take the time to read all the projects, read the comments of the credit committee and once you are comfortable, get started.

Diversify your investment portfolio and help SMEs at the same time

Avish B. and Jey.B. both agree that today, investing is much more than making a return on your investments. For them, it brings them a much deeper meaning when it is also helping SMEs to take off and in its own way, contributing to the development of the country.

And rightfully so. Investing in a project on the Fundkiss platform ensures that your investment portfolio is diversified on projects in key sectors of our economy.

Avish B. shares with us that he saw how his father and brother, two entrepreneurs, had difficulty obtaining financing to develop their business, “I know how much they struggled!”

Each time he invests in a project, he feels an immense sense of pride in having supported SMEs in developing their businesses.

Simple. Transparent. Fast

“Today, with Rs 5000, you can invest in a project on the platform”, says Jey. B.

Fundkiss isn’t just here to simplify and democratize access to financing but also to simplify and democratize investment. So, using just your smartphone, you can finance the growth of Mauritian SMEs and receive interest income in form of monthly repayments.

Jey.B feels confident investing on the platform because, “All the projects and their information are on the website: the rating, the comments of the credit committee.. And in 30 minutes, I can help an SME achieve its objectives.”

The rise of FinTech today offers everyday people new opportunities for investments, which previously, were reserved only for institutions. Crowdlending is one such opportunity. In just a few clicks, you can finance a Mauritian SME, earn interest income on your investment and support the real economy.


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