Our Supply Chain Solution

Our Supply Chain Solution

Northern Suppliers – A Case Study

Northern Suppliers has had 6 successful campaigns on Fundkiss. Northern Suppliers Ltd imports frozen meat from Spain, Paraguay, and Brazil and sells it to cold storages and Mauritius restaurants.

Six campaigns were launched and quickly financed by our lenders’ community for a total amount raised of MUR 16.7 million. Importing multiple containers on various occasions throughout the year requires financing.

Our supply chain solution has been the go-to solution for Northern Suppliers who rely on such financing to import meat containers throughout the year. Fundkiss has allowed him to sustain his growth by accessing finance without personal guarantees and endless waiting. The different campaigns have helped him to recruit more staff, acquire a new refrigerated van and grow his client portfolio.

The latest campaign in October 2022 took less than one week for the file to be processed by our team and the campaign was launched on the platform. Then within 24 hours, 21 lenders from our hybrid community successfully financed the MUR 2.3 million required.

The company has been choosing Fundkiss as its preferred financing solution over the years for various reasons, namely:

  1. The rapid financing
  2. No collateral is required
  3. Disbursement under 48 hours

Financing has been a pain point for several businesses that import goods from abroad, for resale. Our supply chain financing has been of major help to businesses such as Northern Suppliers who need a quick turnaround when opportunities do pop up.

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