Lend like a pro #1- Lend alongside heavyweights on fundkiss.mu!

Lend like a pro #1- Lend alongside heavyweights on fundkiss.mu!

Investing is a whole lot better when you are confident. Here is the cool thing about lending through the Fundkiss platform – you lend alongside great company.

Let us explain.

The Best of Both Worlds

We have a unique financing model that allows us to finance projects more effectively. Projects on the Fundkiss platform are funded by two different types of lenders: individual and institutional lenders.

Individual lenders are retail investors, much like yourself, who invest with their personal wealth.

Institutional lenders are professional funds or financial services organisations that come equipped with resources to lend at a much larger scale. Institutional investors are also permitted to lend a lot more on the platform as per the P2P Lending rules from the FSC.

Faster Funding

Institutional lending also allows projects to be funded faster, borrowers to receive the funds sooner and your lent amount to not be immobilised. A win-win!

As an individual investor, you have the opportunity to lend to the same project on the same terms as large financial institutions.

Lend to a project today! 


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