Lend like a pro #3- How You Contribute to the Growth of Mauritian SMEs : Why Lend on the Fundkiss Platform

Lend like a pro #3- How You Contribute to the Growth of Mauritian SMEs : Why Lend on the Fundkiss Platform

Lending on the Fundkiss platform is an impactful investment.

Your investments with Fundkiss challenge the status quo of business financing, supports the growth of local SMEs and helps strengthen our national economy.

All of that, while earning you solid returns on your investments.

Here’s how.

SMEs – The Drivers of the National Economy

There is a reason why we exist for SMEs.

They represent about 55% of Mauritius’ employment and make up about 42% of the country’s GDP. SMEs are the pulse of the Mauritian national economy.

Any effort made in the direction to strengthen and enable our SMEs is an effort made toward strengthening our national economy.

Peer to Peer Lending is Bringing Down Barriers

Think of the more conventional forms of business financing – Banks use our savings to lend to businesses at their chosen terms and criteria. Sure, the risks are low, but so are the returns. The banks end up keeping the bigger share of the interest income.

At Fundkiss, we have flipped this the other way around.

You decide which business you wish to lend to on our platform. And you keep the biggest share of the interest income. And with enough diversification in your portfolio, you also manage the risks.

Debt investment was largely available to banks and institutions in the past. With Peer-to-Peer Lending, it is now an option available to retail investors.

The Faces Behind the SMEs

While you earn a solid return on your investments through Fundkiss, you are also supporting the growth of a local business, and the people behind them!

Fundkiss allows you to invest in the growth of the businesses that speak and connect with you the most! You choose the projects you wish to lend to.

And regardless of which one you choose, your investment helps a business reach the next level, improve the lives of entrepreneurs behind them and indirectly, support our national economy.

Our platform is full of amazing stories of businesses that have been funded by our lender network.

Here are two of our borrowers; The Hive and Lakaz Maurice Distribution Ltée who were featured on MBC Business Connect. Watch them explain how borrowing on Fundkiss helped them grow their businesses.

The Hive and Lakaz Maurice Distribution Ltée

Your investments with Fundkiss have a greater meaning. Invest in the growth of local SMEs, today!


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