Getting started with Fundkiss

Getting started with Fundkiss

All you need to know to get onboard.

From Mur5,000 to 100,000: you choose how much you lend 👨‍💻

Lend directly to SMEs in Mauritius. You choose which project you wish to lend to, and you decide the amount, from Mur5,000 to Mur100,000. Fundkiss is free for investors, no fees or charges involved. 

Complete your profile to begin lending

To start lending, we need to verify some simple documents from you. You can submit these right from the Documents section of your Fundkiss profile.

  • A proof of identity (ID or passport)
  • A proof of address dated less than 3 months
  • A bank statement showing your bank account number

Verification of these documents is a regulatory requirement for us, before we can allow you to lend to projects. As a financial platform, we must abide to financial regulatons and anti-money laundering laws. Verification also allows us to build trust within our lender community and prevent any illicit activities on the platform.

Once these documents are uploaded, your account will be verified within 24h and you will be able to begin lending!

Two types of Lenders

Lending on Fundkiss is for individual and institutional lenders.

Institutional lenders lend to almost every project published on the platform, automatically. This unique mix of lenders allow us to fund projects fast and more effectively.

Monthly repayments📅

Every month after you lend to a project, you receive part of your capital and interests directly in your Fundkiss account.

You may choose to  reinvest your repayments to other projects, or transfer them to your bank account.

You can see the dates of your upcoming repayments in My Loans section of your dashboard.

Strong selection of projects

Our in-house credit team analyses every project through an analysis of the loan applicant’s financials, the market and the management of their company. Only x% of all loan applications we receive are approved to be published on our platform.

After a thorough risk analysis, the projects are graded between A to C, which determines the interest rate for the project.

Diversification is key!

A diversified portfolio helps minimise the risks associated with non-performing loans. Diversification across multiple project from different industries and business sizes ensure more steadier returns.

For instance, lets say you wish invest MUR 100,000 on our platform. We would recommend investing MUR 5000 across 20 projects, rather than invest MUR 20,000 across 5 projects. That way, if a project were to turn into a non-performing one, your risk will be contained.

And trust us, there are always great new projects on their way.

Tax incentive on your loans

Fundkiss P2P SME loans are a fast-growing asset class in Mauritius. There is a tax incentive in place on the interest income you will earn.

Interest income from Fundkiss is taxed at a great 3% instead of the usual 15%.  At the end of every financial year, you will receive a summary of all your earnings from the platform, which you’ll use to declare your interest income from P2P lending through Fundkiss.

Non Performing Loans⚖️

A potential risk involved when lending to a SME is that a company you lent to may delay or default its due repayments. In case of a default, it is the lender who assumes the risk and who may lose part of his or her capital.

Fundkiss manages the process of debt collection and default management for the lenders. Our team will manage the commercial recovery process. We also work with a partner for legal recovery. We take the process of recovery very seriously and are persistent in our efforts. We never give up on the recovery process. It is not an option!

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