Debt Investment

Debt Investment

Fundkiss has always been known as an SME digital financing platform. But we need to pay more attention to what this platform also offers to investors.

Debt investment is an asset class mostly accessible to institutional investors such as banks, insurance companies and family offices. But Fundkiss is democratizing access to this asset class. Today from your smartphone and the comfort of your couch, you can start lending to Mauritian SMEs. Anyone with MUR 5000 can unlock this new product.

There are several advantages of investing in such an asset. While lending to an SME in Mauritius, you unlock the possibility of building a portfolio which should bring you a fixed income every month. Your repayments are made up of a portion of the capital you invested and a portion of interest income.

With more SMEs turning to our digital financing solution, this new asset class is growing in popularity and to this date, we have 3600 registered lenders.

You can then reinvest your income every month on more projects to truly unleash the power of compound interest. All your repayments are made on your Fundkiss Account and from there you can lend them to other SMEs.

There are three main reasons for choosing Fundkiss as an investment product:

  1. The competitive rate of return in the form of interest
  2. Unlocking a new asset
  3. Impactful investment

When lending to SMEs, you are directly contributing to the growth of the local economy while making an income for yourself. Fundkiss has a hybrid community of lenders where individual investors lend alongside institutional investors such as CIM Financial Services Ltd and SME Equity Fund Ltd.

As with any investment, lending to SMEs carry a risk The mantra here is to diversify. Instead of lending out all your capital to a single project, lend smaller amounts to many more SMEs and construct a portfolio comprised of SMEs operating in various sectors all around the island.

So join us in simplifying and democratizing SME financing in Mauritius.


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