Cim: Now Funding the Growth of Mauritian SMEs on Fundkiss

Cim: Now Funding the Growth of Mauritian SMEs on Fundkiss

Cim Financial Services Ltd, a well-established business and personal financial solutions provider in Mauritius, is joining Fundkiss in it’s mission to democratise and simplify SME financing.

Cim is another institutional investor on the platform. As a part of their commitment, Cim Finance will finance projects launched on the Fundkiss platform.

Welcome, Cim, to our lender community!

Faster Funding

Cim Finance’s commitment to fund projects on the Fundkiss platform goes a long way to benefit both, the lender and the borrower community. A 50% funding of projects means faster funding.

And when the projects get funded faster, the borrower can receive their disbursement sooner and as a result, lenders start receiving their repayments sooner.

The current average campaign duration is 10 days.

Lend with the legends

As a lender, you sure lend in great company! Lending on the very same projects as a publicly listed financial services company provides some sure-footing on your investments.

Next time you lend to a project, you can be sure that you are lending on the same terms as Cim and SME Equity Fund Ltd.

Combined forces to better serve SME credit needs

Mark van Beuningen, Group CEO at Cim Finance commented, “Both our companies strongly believe that a prospering SME sector lies at the heart of sustainable and inclusive economic growth. We share a common purpose and a strong desire to improve borrowers’ convenience through the use of technology and innovation. This move will allow Cim Finance to reach a greater number of SMEs, enhance our knowledge of their needs and continue to develop further innovative, forward-thinking and customized offerings. By joining forces, we will better serve entrepreneurs.”

Paul Perrier, CEO at Fundkiss Technologies Limited commented, “This collaboration has a greater impact. It is a great example of how established financial institutions and start-ups can work together to better serve SMEs in Mauritius. It is a win for the entire FinTech ecosystem.

About Cim.

Cim Financial Services Ltd ‘CFSL’ is publicly listed financial services company on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. Cim Finanace provides financial solutions for individuals, SMEs and large companies.

With over 35 years in the credit industry, Cim Finance is a pioneer in the Mauritian leasing industry and the first non-banking financial institution in sub – Saharan Africa to be a principle member of Visa, MasterCard and Union Pay.

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